A delicious range of cakes,
pastries & comfort food for
breakfast & lunch.

Celebration CAkes

By Executive Pastry Chef Callum Liddicoat, A collection of decadent cakes that comprise of classic flavours, childhood favourites and ones that family and friends have come to love. Each cake has two layers, brought together with fillings of different flavoured ganache and butter creams, that take you on a journey of a rich discovery.

Valentine's Strawberry Lovers Tart

A love story in the strawberries fields under the kiwi summer sun. A delectable vanilla tart filled with a strawberry and vanilla confit topped with a white chocolate pastry cream, covered on a matcha green tea moss and topped with fresh and in-house made strawberries and greenery.

Pantry Staples

Coming soon, where you will be able to purchase in-house slices and other sweet treats, croissants, sandwiches and salads.

Dine IN

Come and join us for a selection of freshly made pastries, salads, sandwiches and comfort food. You can make it a quick grab and go, or settle in for breakfast with EightThirty coffee, or lunch with a glass of fine New Zealand wine or craft beer.

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