Sticky date banana and caramel cake


Callum’s go to cake for any birthday/celebration occasion – this cake is a take on a sticky date pudding. Two layers of moist date and banana cake sandwiched and topped with a salted caramel Swiss buttercream, finished off with more salted caramel, medjool dates, chocolate shavings, banana chips and crunchy pearls.

15cm – $85 | 20cm – $115 | 25cm – $135

15cm – 6 Dessert/14 Coffee Servings | 20cm – 12 Dessert/24 Coffee Servings | 25cm – 16 -18Dessert/36 Coffee Servings

Contains: Wheat, gluten, eggs, dairy, and soy. May contain seed and nut products. Please ask about more allergens or see us at The Pantry for a full list of ingredients.

Suggested Serving; Cake best enjoyed on the day of purchase at at room temperature – please do not refrigerate. Due to being a butter cake – this cake will go hard in the fridge.


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